Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Exterior Update: Amazing what some paint, dirt and stone can do

So, the driveway is complete. I last wrote about feeling frustrated with the fact that I bought this property in 2011, but the outside changes were minimal compared to what we completed on the inside. Driving up gave me a feeling of distress, or the feeling you get when you are around ruin and decay. Not a good feeling. 

When I drive up to my studio I want to feel good, space has that power to transform you. So my husband promised me that for my birthday/Mother's day that he would help to paint the front building, which he did. We are still struggling to paint the wooden part in between the two buildings because it's such a narrow space and there is a steep incline. Next was tackling the tree stump which I hired someone to hack via a chainsaw. We attempted to rent one and do it ourselves but I learned that no one rents chainsaws on island! I suppose it's a liability issue as I hear they are quite dangerous. 

Who knew how hard a quenip tree is, because it dulled two new blades. We cut it as low as we could and then threw some dirt and then some gravel on top and...voila!

A serious transformation to the exterior...por fin! And most importantly it's finally safe for me to have events there without fear that guests will trip on roots and stones. 

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