Sunday, July 12, 2015

We were featured in the St. Croix Source!

Local Artist Previews Forthcoming Documentary for Emancipation Day

How did the Open Studio go?

It's been just over a week since I had the first public event at my spot. I was very tired trying to get both final details on the building complete and finish some new artwork to display. I had to come to the realization that there will probably be "final details" for a very long time. In a historic building there is always, caulking, and painting and weeding, or something to do. Over 50 plus people came out on July 3! And it felt grrrreaat! I was very happy because there were all sorts of people: 2 commissioners came, neighbors came, art people came, non art people came, children, people who had heard me talk on the radio, all kinds of people. And from people's reactions to the space and the history and the first 9 minutes of the documentary I realized something: I need to get as many people to see this space physically and hear this story as I possibly can. It is a powerful story. It is inspiring.

I plan on getting senators into my space, and hopefully the governor. YOU are invited, just call or contact me and set up to a time to come by. I'm currently working on developing a tour of Free Gut and of course still editing the documentary. This summer is the new editing goal to have a rough draft complete. I'll be positing the first 9 minutes as soon as I get some permissions clear on some music that I am using. And will also be starting a crowd-source funding campaign to get to the finish line! This has been a fun journey. Glad you have been coming along for the ride. :)