Monday, February 9, 2015

On work

I feel that I have written at least 4 posts that said some version of "almost finished-last stretch-I'm almost-done" and this will not be another one. This has been an unexpectedly long process and there are still lots of tiny details, and some not so tiny, to be completed. But there was a point when I had to stop and remember the reason I began this journey three years ago: to have an artists studio. And I realized that the last coat of paint on the walls, or putting in the kitchen stove, or bookshelves, or painting the shutters was no longer impeding me from actually creating artwork in this space. So about a month or so ago I started moving in a table and chairs, and then some art supplies, and then later an easel, and then more recently began painting and thinking, writing notes, sketching ideas and I suppose I can say " I am done", sort of-almost-just a little bit more and not feel like a fraud. So yes the place still has lots of detail work to complete, but I am in the studio working, a really huge accomplishment for me. And even with my children getting into mischief around me as I work, there is something about creating a separate space for that purpose of making art. It's the best gift I ever gave to myself for art makes my soul soar like no other experience in my life. I am now working on paintings, writing public art proposals and, well, now I need to of course finish editing the documentary. It's hard to be away for a project for so long, several months and then pick it back up. You have to regain momentum, reestablish a rhythm. But I don't believe in finding inspiration to work, I believe that in work you find inspiration. The ritual of work and the rhythm of work and in some ways, that is never finished, and never done.

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