Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The other day I was at the house and heard voices. I was surprised because most of the houses in the area are abandoned. When I went to see where the voices were coming from I was pleasantly surprised to see that the house just behind me had some people that were about to open it. Toney Prescot has just come back to St. Croix to start the renovation of his family property.

 My neighbor Toney on Prince St. He has just come home to renovate his family property.

I was thrilled to meet he and his wife Rose and talk to them about my renovation project and the documentary. I was able to interview him today and  collect his memories of growing up in the area. He is apparently family to the owners who preceded me and shared a lovely memory of "Auntie Dolly" as he called her. He talked about how most of the family had moved to the states, but that every time she came home the first thing Auntie Dolly would do when she arrived was go outside to look for and collect her "bush". It was a striking image of an elder returning home and looking for her "roots", literally.

Toney's family property on Prince St., Christianted. 

Normally the area is quiet because of the abandoned properties, but today it was a challenge for us to find a place to do Toney's interview. This was a good thing because all of the noise was construction noise. My neighbors on both sides and myself were busy renovating and working on our properties. It was good to see that. It was a wonderful affirmation on how the universe works. There is a synergy happening. One by one, house by house, Christiansted is coming alive again.

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