Saturday, July 9, 2011

Funding Trailer #1

This is a funding trailer I developed as a part of the application process for a grant from the Virgin Islands Humanities Council. Wish me luck!

I started with using Vimeo, which has a higher quality, until I realized that you could not watch the video using a cell phone.

The House That Freedom Built from La Vaughn Belle on Vimeo.

So I decided to also post on YouTube. So if watching from your smartphone you should be able to see this one.

Since this is also a production blog I will comment a bit on that. Most of the footage was shot by Jason Roberts, except the shot where I am sitting and describing the motivation for the film. Due to deadlines and scheduling conflicts I shot that myself in my living room.

I so need funding to get better equipment! But a wise friend told me this:"The best camera to get is the one you have". So I push on filming what needs to be filmed, but writing away like a mad woman to get funding to take the production up a notch.


  1. I hope the final production is to be released this year. I am curious to see the end result.

  2. I'm hooked! These houses are disappearing along with their stories. You're an angel!

  3. COntinue the good work LaVa, I look forward to seeing and learning more.

    Vaughn Audain