Sunday, May 8, 2011

The House of Strange Things

I should have taken more pics, but I just wanted to be rid of it. Here is a list though of the strangest things we found in the house:

magazine porn
a dread lock
snuff from Copenhagen
Russian coins
small plastic bags (for crack, weed, etc..)
lighters in every color imaginable
Brow soda bottles (are these vintage yet?)
Christian readings
a gold cufflink
a horseshoe
a set of Encyclopedias from 1987
a drawing on the wall of Betty Boop


  1. Sounds like some modern-day vagrants left their History in that house as well. The Porn magazine and Christian readings remind me of the strange topography of Times Square(STX) though; A police station, a church, a boys & girls club, nights clubs and an illegal brothel all in a 2 mile radius. Strange topography = strange findings

    1. Too bad this post is anonymous, I won't know if you see my response. But yes, it is true that our towns have some strange juxtapositions.